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Hands 'N Paws was started as a dream by founding board member, Carmon Derting in 2019. After working at the local animal shelter for 12 years, she learned that some animals were being surrendered for simply things like lack of vaccinations, not enough food, not being spayed or neutered, lack of a pet deposit, etc. Hands 'N Paws was meant to bridge the gap between rescues and shelters, to keep animals from needing to go to the shelter by providing much needed resources. Carmon wanted to be the boots on the ground and be willing to meet people at their door and enable them to keep their pets at home. Hands 'N Paws has evolved into an organization with a strong TNR (trap, neuter, return) and spay & neuter program presence in the Columbia Basin as well as helping people keep their pets and rehome the ones that truly need it.


It is our goal to create and preserve the human-animal bond. We believe in keeping animals happy, healthy and safe while helping them find homes and providing resources to help keep them there.


Hands ‘N Paws Animal Assistance will work with the community, partner organizations, veterinarians and volunteers on behalf of animals and their guardians to enable each to stay together in order to reduce animal homelessness.

Hands ‘N Paws Animal Assistance will fulfill these commitments by fostering a professional and compassionate volunteer base through training and continuing education, maintaining a strong and supportive Board of Directors and building partnerships with other organizations.


We value and strive to work hand in hand with advocates, experts, organizations and individuals who offer their time and talents to help further animal welfare and better the lives of animals.


We value learning and using that information to advocate for the welfare of the animals. We will strive to be leaders in our community for animal welfare and be flexible to the ever changing and improving policies and protocols.


We value our ability to provide the best care for the animals that we can. We are their voice and through our experience, knowledge and passion we aim to help ensure animals live their best life.


We value our communities and offer support to families and their animals through education and a variety of other resources to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy life together.


We value truth and authenticity in what we say and do and being an organization that people and animals can trust.